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2 Rooms in the Home That Matter Most to Buyers

Today I’ll shed some light on the two rooms in a home that matter most to buyers.

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When upgrading your home as you prepare to sell, you’ll want to prioritize some rooms over others in order to yield a higher ROI. So think like a buyer, and focus the bulk of your efforts on these two rooms:

The first room you should give special attention to is the kitchen. Consider how much time a homeowner spends in their kitchen. For most, the answer is probably quite a bit. That paired with the wave of new construction models featuring the kitchen as an extension of the living space makes a well-designed and newly upgraded kitchen attractive to buyers.

When it comes to colors, grays and white-on-white schemes are currently in vogue, replacing more neutral, tan colors that appealed to buyers five or six years ago.


Think like a buyer, and focus the bulk of your efforts on the kitchen and master bathroom.


The other room buyers will have a keen interest in is the master bathroom. Buyers we work with often cite the master bathroom as a prime selling point for them. Before you showcase your home, though, bear in mind that buyers aren’t fond of carpet in the bathroom. So if yours is carpeted, make removing and replacing it part of your upgrades.

One thing buyers are demonstrating their interest in is standalone bathtubs. Should you decide to invest in this in-demand item, it will enhance the overall look of your master bathroom. If you’ve stayed in a nice hotel recently, use the way in which the bathroom was designed as a reference point. It doesn’t need to be a carbon copy; you can extract ideas from the basic layout.

If you have any questions about upgrading your home to get it market-ready or for help with any and all of your real estate needs, please contact me. I’d love to help you get the best possible ROI for the lowest possible expense.

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